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Bling Slings



my vintage rose bouquet printed headscarf

To celebrate my return to posting my blogs I am showing a small selection of decorative arm slings – yes dear readers I have a broken wrist, my right wrist; so there has been no writing, stitching and perhaps worst of all no drawing/doodling/scribbling for more than a month now. But I determined to make something visually interesting for HER WORK from the whole unhappy event as soon as I could manage to use my Mac beyond typing/tapping with my left hand

pansy sling

my old favourite pansy scarf

Sensing a dressing -up opportunity I got rid of the NHS white cotton sling as soon as I could – like the next day, and instructed my husband, Steve, to take pictures each morning of mt slings. The commercial alternatives for the longer term support were in  dreary colours  – as if you wanted to hide the injured limb – I want everyone to see clearly my affliction and Keep Clear! So I determined to find alternatives from my stash of both vintage and modern scarves, let’s face it any excuse to dress up !

woven silk sling

my shot silk woven scarf with my co-ordinated enamel heart brooch and new pink cast

in fact I welcomed the opportunity to wear these old scarves, using them as slings affords much more are pattern to seen, tied around the neck only a small area is glimpsed if you have long hair.

woven striped sling

a really wide and draped stole sling

the really wide slings hide my new bright pink cast when it doesn’t tone with the clothes.

vintage 1950's scarf sling.

vintage 1950’s printed scarf sling

I am especially pleased to be able to wear the original art deco head square, very dynamic and such unusual colours and pattern clash.

art deco silk scarf

my art deco scarf looks so modern worn like this

and last but not least my actual ‘bling sling’ which is a length of vintage black beaded net, that I had previously stitched to a length of velvet ribbon in order to wear as a belt.  I went  to a party, the only party of the season that I had managed to attend; and I apologise for this bleary image but this was taken after the party had finished and we were both a bit tired and emotional,

black beaded bling sling

the original bling sling with my vintage beaded cardigan

6 thoughts on “Bling Slings

  1. sorry you have broken wrist- what a nuisance for you- must be torture! Get well soon
    Carole x

    • Hi Carole, well yes it is very painful but it’s the inconvenience that is worse – but I am managing to still teach crazy patchwork and hand embroidery at Heart Space Studios..so not all hopeless.

  2. what a shame – but the scarves are inspirational

  3. I love you work, but I’d love to know more about the Pansy scarf! It has a Kaffe Fassett look about it.

    • well it may be influenced by Kaffe Fasset but it is in a man-made georgette fabric and I think it was from Monsoon but like 20 years ago! I see scarves like jewellry, I never let them go, just wait for the fashions to come around again.

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